Popular Actress Karisma Manandar flash back


Nepali Actress Karishma Manandhar born 1959, in Lalitpur, is a well known actress and film maker. Some said she is beautiful person. she is now active in Nepali film industry. His first movie was Santan, made in 2042 BS. She worked with Bhuvan KC in that film. Actress Karisma Manandar flash back is here:

After working in the Kasturi movie, she married famous film director Binod Manandhar. After marriage, she made famous. She also has a daughter Kabita Manandhar.
Karisma study in Shuva Tara School till her SLC. On November 7, she received the Best Actress Award. According to some sources, her childhood was spent in poverty and poverty.


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